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Copy of INCENSE ~ PRE-ORDER - Please Read Listing Thoroughly - Premium Quality Highly Fragranced Hand-Dipped Sticks
Copy of INCENSE ~ PRE-ORDER - Please Read Listing Thoroughly - Premium Quality Highly Fragranced Hand-Dipped Sticks

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Copy of INCENSE ~ PRE-ORDER - Please Read Listing Thoroughly - Premium Quality Highly Fragranced Hand-Dipped Sticks

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The pre-order for October is closed and we're moving into production.  You'll be notified when your order ships or is ready for pick-up.  THANK YOU to everyone who participated!

This listing is for a group pre-order of incense for the month of October, 2022.

My incense was wildly popular in my retail store front but when COVID forced me to close it permanently, many of my most popular items in the shop were discontinued here on the website because they weren't big sellers online. 

This came as disappointment to those of you who were fans of my incense, and I still get requests from locals and even some of you online asking if I'll ever bring it back.... so I thought we'd give a pre-order a try and see how it goes. This will make it easier for me to order supplies in bulk if I already know what I need to order for.

So - here are the details:

I will accept orders for incense through midnight, October 22nd.

After that, I'll shut this listing down and do an inventory of the supplies needed to fill your orders.  I will then get the materials ordered and on their way to me right away so I can start producing and packaging the incense and getting it out the door to you.    

From the time I shut down the orders until they start shipping to you your will likely be approximately 14 days.  I will do my very best to make it as short of a wait as possible.  

ALSO - PLEASE NOTE: If you need to order anything other than incense, please place a separate order for your other items unless you don't mind waiting for them to ship with your incense. 

If you have any questions at all, please use the "Contact Us" form to send me a message.


Premium quality ingredients go into these generously sized handcrafted incense sticks. They are highly scented, making them an aromatic treat for your space.

Due to their handcrafted nature, please allow for variations in stick diameter as well as burn times, but overall you can expect them to burn approximately 45 minutes to one hour per stick. Some will burn even longer.

You'll receive one zip lock package of 40g, which is approximately 20 sticks.

My incense was one of my best selling items in my retail store front.  These are the most popular scents I offered in the shop.  Following is a list of currently available scents and their descriptions.   You can choose yours from the dropdown menu above...

Blue Lagoon - Cherry Blossom with Starfruit, Orchid, & cool watery notes.

Dragon's Blood - Most are familiar with Dragon's Blood.  This is the best Dragon's Blood scent I've ever found, hands down.

Dryad - Ginger Lily, Rose, Frankincense, & Sandalwood

Hawaiian Lavender - This is lovely.  A bit sweeter and more floral than your typical Lavender.

Hippy - Deep, dark Patchouli

Indigo Rain - Citrus, Cyclamen, Rose, & Jasmine

Jungle Blossoms - Frangipani, Plumeria, & Freesia

Krishna - Sandalwood, Frankincense, & Nag Champa

Mabon - Pine Boughs with Spiced Apple & Pumpkin

Nag Champa - The classic.  This one is epically good.  People rave over it.

Sacred Space - Sweetgrass, Cedar, & Sage.  One of the best sellers in my retail shop.

Valley of The Kings - A deep, rich classic Egyptian Musk

Vanilla Musk - A rich, seductive vanilla musk.

Vanilla Velvet - Vanilla and Heliotrope

Wild Child - Strawberry & Vanilla.  Hands down my all-time best selling incense.  People cannot get enough of it.