RUSSIAN CARAVAN ~ Premium Black Tea Blend

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RUSSIAN CARAVAN ~ Premium Black Tea Blend

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Russian Caravan... A rich, beguiling blend of black teas reminiscent of the centuries-old favorite that was so sought after in Russia that special caravans were commissioned to personally deliver it to the Czar.

This is a bold black tea that takes well to cream and sugar.

Please note, some versions of Russian Caravan are smoky in character, this one is not.  If you'd prefer a smoky black tea, please check out our Bohemian Bonfire.

You'll receive one 2oz resealable zip-top package of tea.

In general, you can expect to get around 10-14 cups of tea per ounce, this will vary based on your own personal preferences and brewing habits. I tend to like my tea strong so I will brew with a heaping rounded teaspoonful per 5-6oz of boiling water. I find it absolutely worth the time and effort to accurately measure your tea and the precise amount of water so that you can brew your perfect cup each time.

My teas are of premium quality, whole leaf, and FRESH. They sell like crazy at the outdoor summer markets I attend each year and they flew off the shelves in my retail store front - I have people coming back time after time, either to buy for themselves again or because a friend had recommended my teas to them.