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SELENITE CRYSTAL CHUNKS ~ For Goddess Energy, Lunar Magic, and Protection
SELENITE CRYSTAL CHUNKS ~ For Goddess Energy, Lunar Magic, and Protection
SELENITE CRYSTAL CHUNKS ~ For Goddess Energy, Lunar Magic, and Protection

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SELENITE CRYSTAL CHUNKS ~ For Goddess Energy, Lunar Magic, and Protection

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The name Selenite is derived from the name of the Greek moon goddess, Selene, which means "moonlike glow".  With a very fine vibration, Selenite brings about clarity of mind and can shift your thoughts to a higher frequency.  It transmits pure white light and is often used to channel angelic consciousness. It is a powerful disperser of negativity and stabilizer for erratic emotions, bringing about a conscious understanding of what is happening at the subconscious level. It activates and clears all the chakras, bringing them into alignment.  Selenite is a very cleansing and clearing stone.  It can cleanse the energy of other stones, people, and even places.

An ancient stone of very high vibration, Selenite is excellent for gridding your home for protection, and a large piece placed in the home ensures a peaceful atmosphere.  These properties also make this stone the perfect ally for spiritual and meditative work.  It is also the perfect stone to display on your altar at all times as it is continually transmuting and clearing low vibrational energies. 

The purest translucent white Selenite has an ethereal quality to it, some even say it inhabits the space between light and matter.

Chakra:  Higher crown, but clears and activates all

Zodiac: Taurus

Element:  Air

Planetary:  The Moon

These large chunks of Selenite measure between 1".5"- 2".  They're all unique in shape but equally lovely.  You'll receive one piece intuitively chosen for you. 

Please note:  Selenite should not be exposed to moisture for prolonged periods of time as it will dissolve in water.  I occasionally use a damp cloth to wipe my personal Selenite specimens clean, but I never leave them wet or standing in moisture.  You can also use a soft bristle brush to flick away dust when necessary.  Selenite is fragile and can crack easily.  Polished pieces of Selenite are prone to scratches.  

All of the stones you receive from my shop are cleansed energetically and blessed with Reiki energy, and people often tell me that crystals they purchase off the shelves of my retail shop have a lovely high-vibe energy. That said, it's always a good idea to clear and consecrate any new stones when you receive them.  To do this, first use sage smoke to clear away any unwanted energies the stones may have picked up in their travels to you.  You can then focus any energy and intent into the stone, programming it for whatever purpose you have intended for it.