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SHADOW WORK ~ Magickal Tools Incense for Working With the Shadow Self, Psychic Intuition, Dispelling Negativity

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"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate."~ Carl Jung

We all carry a dark side, labeled "the shadow self" by Carl Jung, even if we don't want to admit it.  Working with our shadow side may seem frightening and it can definitely be uncomfortable for us, but it can also be a deeply powerful act.  Facing those aspects of ourselves that we'd really prefer to just push down deeper and ignore can be freeing, helping us to uncover true happiness and peace in our lives. 

Most of us tend to hide our shadow self from others.  Repressing it may feel like an act of self protection, because bringing old wounds and unresolved issues out into the open for the people around us to see can often makes us feel embarrassed, vulnerable, or unlovable.   However, if we leave our shadow side unchecked and unaddressed, it can frequently cause struggles and distress that bleed out into all areas of our lives, even if we aren't always consciously aware of it.  Our shadow can be a block to us acting for our own highest good, frequently preventing us from reaching our full potential in life. 

My Shadow Work Magickal Tools Incense is scented with Clove and Basil.... Clove is a powerful protector, it can boost lucidity of our subconscious mind and our psychic intuition, assisting us in seeing through the subconscious haze  in order to best address the issues at hand.  Basil is known for its purifying and protective properties, as well as for banishing, making it a strong ally when confronting our shadows and dealing with them head-on.  In addition, this incense has been charged with the energies of Black Onyx and Amethyst crystals to aid subconscious clarity and dispelling negativity. 

Suggested Use:  First and foremost, please know that even the most powerful spiritual tools can be hindered if they are not supported with the strength of our intent to back up their purpose.  Our mindset, intention, and the end goal are so important when doing spiritual work.  Bear this in mind and set your intention clearly as you begin, focusing on the desired outcome and really holding it clearly in your mind as you work. 🌑


I find that journaling is an effective way to address my shadow side, and you may too.  It can assist you in working through your subconscious issues.... I like to create an atmosphere conducive to this by choosing to work in the darker hours, usually in the early morning before the sun is up or late in the evening, sitting in the stillness, with some soft Reiki music in the background. I light several candles in my space along with my Shadow Work incense.  I then sit with my journal, clearing my mind with the intent to allow aspects of my shadow to flow in so that I can focus on them... this may be things like how I react to certain people, places, activities, etc. I allow the thoughts to just flow out and onto the paper, almost in a stream of consciousness form.  I write for as long as I feel necessary to get everything out around this particular issue.  I then set my journal aside and return to it later to read what came through and begin to evaluate these issues and how best to address and resolve them.  As you spend time doing this over and again, you'll begin to recognize  patterns in behaviors, triggers, and responses to certain situations - allowing you to dig into them and evaluate why you respond in the way you do to certain stimuli.  This process enables us to address these responses internally, wiping away the programming that has often ingrained them within us and releasing those old patterns so that we may move forward feeling freer and lighter.  This can be a difficult process when we are confronting ugly wounds, but I find that it can also be somewhat addictive in that the relief I feel when finally addressing and doing away with these internal programmings brings such a sense of lightness to me.  Moving forward, this process also helps us in dealing with everyday situations that could become parts of the shadow if not addressed. 

You will receive one package of approximately 20 charcoal sticks which may vary somewhat in size and shape due to their handmade nature.  They are created with love, blends of essential and fragrance oils, and the energies of crystal allies.   In addition, all of the magickal goods you receive from my shop are cleansed and blessed with Reiki energy, and people often tell me that the goods they purchase from my shop have lovely high vibe energy right off the shelves.

Each stick will burn on average for about 30 minutes. 

Please burn your incense in an appropriate heat-safe container and always keep safety in mind when working with the element of fire. 

Much love and blessings to you on your magickal journey.