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SOUL TONIC ~ Magickal Tools Incense for Calling in Positive Spirits and High Vibrational Energies
SOUL TONIC ~ Magickal Tools Incense for Calling in Positive Spirits and High Vibrational Energies
SOUL TONIC ~ Magickal Tools Incense for Calling in Positive Spirits and High Vibrational Energies

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SOUL TONIC ~ Magickal Tools Incense for Calling in Positive Spirits and High Vibrational Energies

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This blend of Sweetgrass and Vanilla will assist in raising vibrations and inviting in sweet spirits and positive energies.  It is particularly beneficial as a follow up after cleansing a space, person, or objects with my Spirit Cleanse Magickal Tools Incense.

Sweetgrass is well known for its warm, earthy "hay" scent and sweet-smelling smoke used to call in high vibe spirits, attract harmony, and invite beauty.   The addition of Vanilla amps up the invitation for beauty, sweetness, and harmony and is also known as an aid in providing relief from stress and anxiety.

In addition, this incense has been charged with Selenite and Clear Quartz crystals to draw in high vibrational energies.  Selenite is a powerful cleansing stone, dispersing negativity and drawing in positive, high vibe energies.  It transmits pure white light and is often used in channeling angelic consciousness.  Clear Quartz is known to be an excellent amplifier of energies, so in this case, it's the perfect companion with Selenite to keep the vibrational energies very high and bright.   


Suggested Use:  First and foremost, please know that even the most powerful spiritual tools can be hindered if they are not supported with the strength of our intent to back up their purpose.  Our mindset, intention, and the end goal are so important when doing spiritual work.  Bear this in mind and set your intention clearly as you begin, focusing on the desired outcome and really holding it clearly in your mind as you work. 

After cleansing your space, objects, or yourself with a spiritual cleansing method of your choosing, burn Soul Tonic to invite sweet-natured spirits and positive energies into the space.  You might want to choose a positive and uplifting chant or mantra to say while you light your incense.  I usually say something like "I invite divine white light into this space, I ask that my guides and angels surround me at this time, filling this space with love and harmony, releasing anything that no longer serves so that this space may be filled only with sweetness, love, and light."  In the case of people, "bathe" them in the smoke of Soul Tonic by wafting it around the body, beginning at the feet and working your way up and around the entire body, and over the top of the head - envisioning beautiful golden, white light pouring into the crown chakra from Source and spreading throughout the body.  I use this upward motion to bring things in, while using a downward and outward motion to send things out and away (such as in the case of doing a cleansing and clearing).

You will receive one package of approximately 20 charcoal sticks which may vary somewhat in size and shape due to their handmade nature.  They are created with love, blends of essential and fragrance oils, and the energies of crystal and herbal allies.   In addition, all of the magickal goods you receive from my shop are cleansed and blessed with Reiki energy, and people often tell me that the goods they purchase from my shop have lovely high vibe energy right off the shelves.

Each stick will burn on average for about 30 minutes. 

Please burn your incense in an appropriate heat-safe container and always keep safety in mind when working with the element of fire. 

Much love and many blessings to you on your magickal journey.