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TAROT & ORACLE READING ~ For Guidance and Clarity ~ Down the Rabbit Hole
TAROT & ORACLE READING ~ For Guidance and Clarity ~ Down the Rabbit Hole
TAROT & ORACLE READING ~ For Guidance and Clarity ~ Down the Rabbit Hole
TAROT & ORACLE READING ~ For Guidance and Clarity ~ Down the Rabbit Hole
TAROT & ORACLE READING ~ For Guidance and Clarity ~ Down the Rabbit Hole

Traveling Vardo

TAROT & ORACLE READING ~ For Guidance and Clarity ~ Down the Rabbit Hole

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♦Please read this ENTIRE listing before purchasing a reading. Details are important and I want to make certain you'll be happy with your finished product. ;-)♦

♣What you get and the format:
You'll receive a 5-7 card reading comprised of 4-5 cards covering your question, we'll take a peek at the card on the bottom of the deck as a sort underlying message regarding your situation, and an oracle card drawn as a final message surrounding the reading.

I send readings out in a Word format via email. The document will also include a photo of your cards. My readings are generally very detailed and a reading of this size can run from around 2,500 - 4,200 words, so around 5-8 typed pages and takes me a few hours to compile. You will receive your reading within approximately 3-5 business days of payment. I work as quickly as possible, but I also like to make sure that I don't rush and miss important details in the cards that would be beneficial to you in your reading.

I have many, many different Tarot and oracle decks in my collection. I will select the decks to work with based on what I feel connects the best with your energy. If you have a specific deck request based on the photos in this listing, I'll be happy to accommodate you.

♣ What I need from you:
In the "Message To Seller" section at checkout, please include your question (I may contact you to clarify your question if necessary), the email address you'd like it sent to (if you don't include this, I'll send it to the email address you used at checkout), and the day and month of your birth.

♣What you need to know:
First and foremost, your reading is private. I take your trust and confidence very seriously and never ever share client information. Your reading is between you and me.

♣ A bit about me as a reader:

I've been studying Tarot for approximately the last 18 years and have done many, many readings for family and friends over the years.  I offer readings at my retail storefront as well.

I tend to work in more of a "storyboard" fashion with the Tarot, as opposed to using specific spreads or layouts. I picked this up from a BRILLIANT fellow reader who did the most amazing reading for me. I immediately fell in love with the method and started working with it myself.

Now, that said, depending upon your specific question, sometimes a particular spread will work better than a general storyboard in order to dig into a certain issue and I will go with that if I feel it to be the case. I will also sometimes create a custom spread to specifically fit your question and the issues surrounding it.

♣ Some guidelines for types of questions to ask -
First, for ethical reasons, I do not read on specific financial matters like "Should I invest in the stock market?", nor do I read on health related issues or third parties.

Also, bear in mind, questions relating to the timing of certain events can be very tricky, so are questions answered with a simple "Yes/No". However, with a bit of creative rephrasing, I am certain I can help you get some answers surrounding your situation.

Not sure exactly what to ask the cards? Send me a private message about your situation or leave a message in the "Message To Seller" section at checkout and I'll help you with phrasing your question to get the most benefit out of a reading. The more specific we can be with a question, the more detail the Tarot can give us.

Some examples of types of questions to ask:
♥ What do I need to focus on right now to......? (help me get that promotion I've been wanting, find love, etc)
♥ What steps can I take at this time to increase the likelihood of....? (finding the right romantic relationship, finding a new job, etc.)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me prior to purchasing a reading.

Thank you!

I don’t use the Tarot to predict the future as though it were cast in stone. I believe that we are each the master of our own destiny through personal choices and we can direct our future and change our path according to our own free will.

Tarot is a very effective tool when used for guidance, though you certainly shouldn’t base life-altering decisions on the mere turn of a card, of course.

I am not a fortune teller, I'm not a psychologist, I'm not a health professional, and I cannot solve the world's problems with the cards, but I'll do my best to assist you with some guidance through the cards and my intuitive reading style.

Decks used in the above photos are the Llewellyn Tarot (Anna-Marie Ferguson), The Thelema Tarot (Renata Lechner), The Tarot of Inspiration (Berenika), The Earth Magic Oracle (Stephen D. Farmer), The Wisdom of The Oracle (Collette Baron-Reid), and The Native Spirit Oracle (Denise Linn)

All items shown in the photos are for illustrative purposes only and are not included as part of the purchase price of this listing.