Eau de Parfum Sprays

Wearing an eau de parfum spray is a different experience than wearing a perfume oil that you roll on or dab on.  Our eau de parfum sprays are alcohol-based and less concentrated than their perfume oil counterparts, they're meant to envelope you in a delicate cloud of scent. 

Our eau de parfum sprays are created with our proprietary fragrance blends in a base of organic sugar cane alcohol and are currently presented in 15ml or 30ml glass atomizers, with 3ml sample size atomizers available.  Some of you asked for larger sizes when we polled our followers, and we do plan to expand our size offerings in the future. ♥

Bottle shape and atomizer colors may vary a bit depending on the stock that's available. 

Please note that unfortunately not all of our perfume formulas can be used in an alcohol base, as some contain materials that will not fully disperse in alcohol.  If you don't see your favorite perfume oil listed in an EDP, please feel free to reach out to us and we can let you know if it *will* be added, or if it's one that won't be available in an alcohol base.