Discover how easy it is to get started creating your own signature natural perfume oils infused with inspired energy and magical intent.

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I wrote Enchanted Alchemy: The Magic of Blending Natural Perfume Oils for Personal Power as a primer for the absolute beginner to help simplify the process of blending natural essences into beautiful perfume oils with a magical purpose.


In this 53-page ebook, you'll learn the basics of:

  • The Connection Between Scent & Emotion
  •  The Emotional Healing Power of Natural Botanicals (& our instinctual understanding of this!)
  •  Planning a Magical Perfume Oil Based on Intent
  •  Magical & Elemental Correspondences (& my favorite resource for them!)
  •  The Necessary Tools to Get Started
  •  Setting up Your Workspace Efficiently
  •  Enchanting Your New Perfume Oil
  •  Safety Considerations

.....and more!


Resources & Bonuses

In addition to the training in this digital download ebook, you'll find a Resources & Bonuses section with the following:

  • My Favorite Sources for Natural Essences & My Favorite Essences from Each
  •  A Basic List of Suggested Natural Essences to Get Started With
  •  A Second List of Suggested Natural Essences to Build Out Your Blending Options
  •  My Favorite Sources for Professional Perfumer's Materials
  •  Suggested Sources for Bottles
  •  A List of Some of My Favorite Books on Essential Oils, Botanical Magic, & Magical Natural Perfumery
  •  A Set of Formulation Journal Page Templates I Created That You Can Print & Use In Planning Your Blends
  •  A Note About the Use of Synthetic Fragrance Oils in Magical Blends


A peek at just a few of the pages from inside Enchanted Alchemy:

Preview of pages in the Enchanted Alchemy eBook

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