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Layering Perfumes to Create a New Signature Scent

Most of us who love indie perfumes love them because we don't like to smell like everyone else, unique fragrances are a big draw for us. What better way to avoid smelling like everyone else than taking it even a step further and layering perfume favorites to create something new? If you've not explored this before and you're not quite sure which scents would work well to pair with others, never fear!  I've got ya!   Here are some of my favorite pairings from the Traveling Vardo catalog.

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The Return of Some Favorites... Finally!

Hey!  Happy Monday, guys!  As so many of you are well aware, there are a few scents that have been missing from the shop lineup for quite awhile now.  I've had many, many messages from customers inquiring about them and wondering if they'll return... and I'm thrilled to say that, finally, A Murder of Crows, Myrrhe Cacao, and Artorius have all returned. In addition, I've added a new category to the site, The Vault, where all the seasonal perfumes will reside until their release dates.  Many of these have not been available since the fall of 2016.   From time-to-time, production of certain scents halts due to difficulties procuring a particular material, or certain suppliers shutter their businesses and I...

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