About Us

Personal adornment and fragrance for the free spirit...

I've been fascinated with scent all of my life, in particular rare florals, musks, exotic attars, and all sorts of precious essences from around the world. The more obscure and difficult to procure, the more fascinating it is for me!

As a teen I had a vanity table and dresser top overflowing with fancy little bottles of all sorts of smelly goodness and dabbled with creating my own personal concoctions from that stash of perfumes and oils even then. It never really occurred to me to pursue it to the point of actually offering my creations to others until 2009 when a friend and I opened up a bath and body shop together on Etsy. By that time, I had begun to study aromatherapy, perfume formulation, and natural perfumery in earnest, so I introduced a few of my handmade perfumes there and they were well-received. Eventually, we closed that shop down due to time constraints between the two of us, so I began listing my perfumes in my personal Etsy shop that (at the time) was devoted to jewelry. It didn't take long until the perfumes overtook the jewelry and surpassed it in sales... and the rest, as they say, is history.

I find myself frequently scribbling ideas down in a journal before those ideas are lost forever to my tiny little memory span. I draw my inspiration for scents from the stunningly beautiful nature we're surrounded by here in Wyoming, as well as from historical figures, mythology, literature, childhood memories, dreams, friends, and just the world around me in general. I am constantly studying fragrance formulation to improve upon my skill set, as well as developing new scents.

Ultimately, if I had to bring it all down to one idea, one single concept of why I do what I do, it would be this: I like to paint pictures with scent, to evoke memories for people, and to perhaps create new ones for them. Scent can transport us back in time - like a pin on the map of our memory, and so much emotion can come flooding back to us when that pin is suddenly triggered by a particular olfactory experience that has embedded itself in our subconscious. I'd like to think that sometimes my scents are that trigger for people, a trigger to a memory of a happy time in their lives that perhaps might've not surfaced if not for that explosion of scent into their subconscious.