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CLEAR QUARTZ TUMBLED CRYSTAL ~  For Amplification of Energy
CLEAR QUARTZ TUMBLED CRYSTAL ~  For Amplification of Energy
CLEAR QUARTZ TUMBLED CRYSTAL ~  For Amplification of Energy
CLEAR QUARTZ TUMBLED CRYSTAL ~  For Amplification of Energy

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CLEAR QUARTZ TUMBLED CRYSTAL ~ For Amplification of Energy

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Clear quartz is found on every continent around the world.  As such, it has been prized for millennia as a worker of magic and a potent shamanic tool across many cultures.  It is a master generator that can enhance clarity and intuition, bringing in ancient wisdom and inviting harmony into your environment.  You can use Clear Quartz as a stand-in for any other crystal as it can be charged and programmed with whatever intention the user would like. 

Generating electromagnetism and dispelling static electricity, it is an extremely powerful healer and energy amplifier.  It absorbs, stores, releases, and regulates energy, and when held it doubles your biomagnetic field.

Clear Quartz harmonizes all chakras.  It is found in many shapes and formations, each of which shares the generic properties of Quartz, but can also have very unique and specific properties based on shape and formation.

Chakra:  Harmonizes all

Zodiac:  All

Element: Fire

Planetary: The Sun & The Moon

These lovely tumbled pieces of Clear Quartz are approximately  1" - 1.5".  Each piece will vary in shape and size, but they are all equally beautiful.   You'll receive one piece, intuitively chosen just for you.

All of the stones you receive from my shop are cleansed and blessed with Reiki energy, and people often tell me that crystals they purchase off the shelves of my retail shop have lovely high-vibe energy. That said, it's always a good idea to clear and consecrate any new stones when you receive them.  To do this, first, use sage smoke to clear away any unwanted energies the stones may have picked up in their travels to you.  You can then consecrate your crystal by focusing energy and intent into the stone, programming it for whatever purpose you have intended for it.