FEATHER Eau de Parfum - White Musk
FEATHER Eau de Parfum - White Musk
FEATHER Eau de Parfum - White Musk

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FEATHER Eau de Parfum - White Musk

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Feather, feather, light as a feather...

Feather is soft, understated, wears close to the body and seems to really "bloom" on the skin. If you're looking for a musk scent with a powerful throw, this is not the one for you. This is light and whispery on the skin, it's not a sweet smelling musk, instead, it's somewhat "warm", and each individual's unique body chemistry will make this scent their own. In spite of it's soft nature, this does have quite a bit of tenacity on me - I find that it will easily last the larger part of the day for me. It is a wonderful scent worn alone, but also works well to layer with other scents to add a soft musk note and to help anchor scents that tend to be more fleeting in their wear time.

Wearing an eau de parfum spray is a different experience than wearing a perfume oil that you roll on or dab on.  Our eau de parfum sprays are alcohol-based and somewhat less concentrated than their perfume oil counterparts, they're meant to envelope you in a delicate cloud of scent. 

Blended in a base of organic sugar cane alcohol and presented in a 15ml or 30mL rectangular atomizer bottle, your perfume will arrive suitably packaged for gifting someone else or simply for treating yourself to something fun and unique.

Also available in a 3ml sample size atomizer to try before you commit to a larger size.

Bottle shapes and cap colors may vary depending upon the stock available.

Our eau de parfum sprays can only ship within the US due to shipping restrictions on alcohol.