LUMINEUX ~ Plush Velveteen Facial Elixir with Rose Frankincense Helichrysum Sea Buckthorn Berry
LUMINEUX ~ Plush Velveteen Facial Elixir with Rose Frankincense Helichrysum Sea Buckthorn Berry

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LUMINEUX ~ Plush Velveteen Facial Elixir with Rose Frankincense Helichrysum Sea Buckthorn Berry

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Not to toot my own horn, but I frequently have people tell me that I don't look my age. My secret? This. Lumineux, my own proprietary formulation of skin-loving oils and botanicals that are nourishing and deeply moisturizing without being heavy or leaving behind a greasy residue on my skin. Just happy, healthy, glowing skin with an even tone.

Don't be frightened off by the mention of "oils" in a facial product! Oil (the right kind, anyway) is not the enemy in facial products. Oils that mimic the skin's natural sebum are touted to be very beneficial, particularly when coupled with botanicals to target specific issues.

Available in the following size options:

♥ 2ml sample vial... Enough for about a week, depending on how much you use per application. I recommend trying this size first in order to gauge your skin's response to this product.
♥ 30ml (1fl oz) glass bottle with a glass dropper cap.

It's comprised of skin-friendly oils of argan, meadowfoam seed, olive squalane, and jojoba. I've added Damask rose (not only for its radiant, uplifting scent but also because it's believed to be beneficial for mature skin, wrinkles, and skin elasticity), helichrysum (reported to be anti-inflammatory), frankincense (it's believed to be rejuvenating), sea buckthorn berry (beloved for its reputed restorative properties), and bourbon geranium (reported to be sebum balancing) essential oils. The scent is DIVINE without being overpowering. I've yet to encounter someone didn't love the scent of this oil.

At bedtime, I cleanse my face, spritz my skin with my Rose Red Organic Magickal Botanical Mist, allow my skin to soak it in a bit, then apply a few drops of this rich elixir while my skin is still just a bit damp and massage it in. (Little tip - if you have a night cream you enjoy using, simply add 1-2 drops of Lumineux to a dollop of the creme, mix well with your finger tips and apply for an extra treat that your skin will love). I even pat it under my eyes (please do not get it IN your eyes!). In the morning, I awake to vibrant, glowing skin. I use a warm wash cloth to wipe my face and apply a few drops then as well. Most days I don't even bother with any type of foundation because I just don't feel I need it. If anything, perhaps a dab of BB cream and a light swipe of powder is all I need.

I also use this on my neck, décolleté, the backs of my hands, and even as a cuticle and nail oil. It has a ton of uses and smells fabulous to boot!

Your elixir will arrive suitably packaged for gifting in a gorgeous embossed gift box tied with ribbon. Perfect for gifting someone else or simply for treating yourself to a little something luxurious.

***I have fabulous results when using natural botanicals and essential oils in my own personal application for myself, family, and friends, and plenty of other people do as well! That said, here are all the legal disclaimer things I must say:

Not all essentials oils are safe for use by everyone. Please consult your doctor before use if you are pregnant, nursing, or have any medical condition. Avoid getting this product in your eyes. This product has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease. Also, please bear in mind that individual results may vary. ***