SANTORINI ~ Highly Fragranced Soy Blend Wax Tarts

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SANTORINI ~ Highly Fragranced Soy Blend Wax Tarts

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Santorini... Bergamot, Neroli, and Lime with Jasmine, Orange Blossom, Cedar and Amber. 

 This scent manages to feel bright, warm, and cozy all at the same time. 

I use premium fragrance and/or essential oil blends in my melts. Most you won't find anywhere else as they are my own proprietary blends created just for my products.

I use a soy blend wax that has excellent fragrance retention and fragrance throw, both hot and cold, but what I love most about this wax is that it cleans up so easily with hot soapy water, leaving no residue behind. It's also a breeze to clean your tart warmer after using this wax as well.

Typically, I find that my highly fragranced tarts will last approximately 20 hours of burn time depending on the specific fragrance, amount of portions used, and even the wattage of the bulb you use in your warmer. Keep in mind that wax melts are not intended for use in oil warmers or potpourri simmer pots. The temperatures are much higher in these and can actually overheat your wax which will reduce the life of the scent.

You'll receive one 3oz package which contains six break-away portions.

You simply snap off as many portions as you'd like, place them in your tart warmer, and enjoy.