WHITE SAGE BUNDLES ~ For Purification, Meditation, and Ritual
WHITE SAGE BUNDLES ~ For Purification, Meditation, and Ritual
WHITE SAGE BUNDLES ~ For Purification, Meditation, and Ritual
WHITE SAGE BUNDLES ~ For Purification, Meditation, and Ritual

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WHITE SAGE BUNDLES ~ For Purification, Meditation, and Ritual

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White Sage, Salvia apiana, is an herb traditionally used for both ceremonial purposes as well as healing and energy cleansing.  It is believed to discourage the presence of unwanted energies and to draw in positive spirits and beneficial energy. Because of this, it is frequently used to cleanse environments of any old, stale, subtle energies that need moved along.   Many people use it to clear the energy of a home when they move into a new dwelling, inviting the flow of fresh energy into the space. 

Sage is also used to clear energies from a space prior to ritual work, or from objects used in ritual practice.  Many people use sage to cleanse crystals as well as Tarot decks and other divination or altar tools.  It can also be used to cleanse the aura of individuals by "bathing" them in the smoke.

When smoldered, White Sage has a sharp, pungent, earthy aroma that I personally find to be calming and grounding.   It is considered by many to be the "gold standard" of herbal energy cleansing. 

To Use Your Sage Bundle:   Start by making sure you have a heatproof dish of some type to hold the bundle over as you light it and so that you have a safe surface to sit the bundle down on when needed.  Many people like to use sand in the bottom of their dish, and many use an abalone shell as their preferred vessel.  

To begin, light the tip over an open flame, allowing it to flame up for a few seconds to get a good light before waving the flame out.  This should leave the tip of the bundle smoldering.  The bundle may shed small embers as you work with it, so take care and be aware of this.  Alternatively, some people prefer to crumble leaves from the bundle and smolder them on small charcoal disks in a heatproof dish.  Either method works equally well.  As you're lighting your sage, it's important to hold positive intention in your mind for the work you're about to do, as well as the intention to send any unwanted energies or spirits on their way as you work. 

To cleanse your space, begin at the main entrance and work in a counterclockwise manner, passing the smoke over all window casings, doorways, along the floor, into corners and dark spaces, waving the smoke into them with your hand or a feather fan if necessary. I like to open windows when doing this in order to allow the smoke to carry the energies out of the space, envisioning them dissipating into the ether. 

When you're finished, place the bundle in your heat proof dish.  You can leave it to smolder out in a safe place in a central area of the space if you'd like, or you can smother the tip out by crushing it into the dish.  This works particularly well if you use sand in the bottom of your dish, many people like to use abalone shells for this purpose.  Please always take every precaution when working with fire and BE SAFE. 

You'll receive on White Sage bundle that is approximately 3.5" - 4" in length. 

* All sage that I purchase for resale is ethically and sustainably grown and harvested in the USA *

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